About Me

My names Jonte, I am currently 16 years of age, go to school and the last time I checked I was male.

The thing I enjoy most is listening to music, which ranges from bands to DJ’s. My favourite band is definatly A Day To Remember having every album but one then i’m going to start collecting vinyl edditions ;) I’ve been to fair amount of concerts in the last 2 years; Bullet For My Vallentine, No Sleep Til Adelaide, Soundwave 2011, A Day To Remember What Separates Me From You Tour. Some people wouldn’t say thats much but they probably arn’t paying for it :P Most people can’t listen to every type of genre of music for some reason, either one genre steriotype mixes with the other or something but I can listen to almost any genre except for grindcore or pornocore thats shits stupid. But any genre besides them, for example i can listen to Rock then to Dubstep to Country to Metalcore to Electro anything is good :D

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